Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Rower... my old foe!

Don't ask me what initiated it....  I was happily sweating it up on the cross trainer tonight, when I just had this sudden urge to revist my old foe... the rowing machine!

Row, row, row....
It's been sitting in the corner of my patio area for a good couple of years - and had the dust, cobwebs and overall "disuse" written all over it!   I bought it a few years back, cheaply off eBay - thinking it'd be a great addition to my cardio workouts....

BUT because I was too big at the time, all it did was hurt my knees (terribly), was intensely uncomfortable and, quite frankly, my tummy was far too big and in the way for the actions to be beneficial.  It hurt, and it got shoved in the corner for it!!  ... and dubbed yet another 'waste of money'.

I didn't even include it in my Meet the Team spiel - it hasn't been a 'member' in years - but today, I had this crazy urge to drag it out, dust it off and try again!

.... and I did!   ... and I FIT, and it stung all the right places .... and it kicked my bum!!!!

15 mins cross trainer, 10 mins rower, 15 crossy and final 10 rower...   Over 1300cals burnt in the process, and can definitely feel it in the shoulder blades and back!

Happy to announce that the rower has been reintroduced into the Team!   haha!

Gotta love mixing it up!



  1. I find the rower pretty torturous so well done!

  2. I used to row & was in the best shape of my life when I did. When I get sub 100 I'll be heading out to my nearest Sunday casual crew for a trial to see if I can reintroduce it :)

  3. I've always wondered about getting a rower - now that I can't run or walk (damn achilles), I need something other than the exercise bike.....

  4. Mmmm it's FUN!! Used to hurt too much on the knees and back to be beneficial, but I pulled up quite well today, and there'll be much more rowing on the future agenda for it!


  5. That's awesome Amy! Another 'can't do' turned into a 'can do'... just proving that there is nothing YOU can't do!! xxx