Thursday, February 10, 2011

Operation Get-You-Moving

"Amy, have you met Gym?!"   ....ahhhh yes - Operation Get-You-Moving has officially begun! 

When I booked in for my first ever PT session last week, I had NO idea what to expect...  and walking in there at 4pm today, I was still none the wiser!  All geared up and nervous as hell (I was pretty sure he was going to leave me unable to walk ever again...hahaha), I made my way to the gym.  To say I was a little anxious would be an understatement - the two hours prior, I was a bundle of nerves!!!

To paraphrase Tiffany (the new trainer) from Biggest Loser, my mantra walking into the gym was "I AM A WARRIOR!" - I just love that SO much!   Just wish my shakey legs would have caught on a little sooner, as I stumbled up the back steps...   please tell me noone saw that?!  o.O

So I rock up, and off my PT and I trot into the consultation room.... and for an hour, I get grilled, briefed, educated, planned and praised...   but...  hang on...  where's the workout?!!  

OPERATION G-Y-M - Phase One: Strategy!

Ohhhhh..... I seeeeeee!   (a little slow on the uptake, me!)

SO, as it turns out, my introduction to the Gym was pretty cruisey!!   The only sweating I did for the hour long session was in the form of nervous, sweaty palms!!!   BUT I walked out with a wealth of information, a new plan, understanding what the classes meant and how I can make them work in my favour and goals, and even more focus than before!

AND - to cap it all off - was told I'm training at an athlete level already! BIG PRAISE for a girl like me!   (I'm pretty sure the smile on my face said everything to my PT at that point - I was just SO chuffed!   ME - an athlete?!!!!).

SO for the next six weeks, I now have one Pump class to add to my (already hectic) weekly schedule!  After that, we knock it up a notch and I throw in some new methods to see even more results!   I think this is just awesome - will work in really well with the timing of my 12WBT challenge - and I really can't wait to see what I can produce after an intense few months!!

Now, the only question that remains is what day do I want to do my Pump class.... ?!!!  hmmm......  decisions, decisions!!!


  1. That you didn't know you were working out to an elite level surprises me.

    Well done you - see, it's not that scary after all (says she who's still afraid of Zumba)

    Big claps.

  2. I've told you before Amy... you would WHOOP my arse in a X-trainer race!! Or treadmill... or rower... or exercise bike... Hmmm in just about any exercise really! You GO you ATHLETE you! x

  3. Now look here you - OF COURSE you're training at an elite level - BELIEVE It, will you?

  4. Hehehhee.... It just doesn't seem right in my head!!! ME - an athlete?!! Bahahaha!!!!

    ... tell ya what though, it's one of the nicest compliments I've ever received!! Just makes me want to go out and slam a few more challenges down!!


  5. Good on you!
    I love everything Les Mills - my fave is Combat but Pump gives you guns and boosts your metabolism.
    You are doing such amazing things.