Thursday, February 17, 2011

Confession: Can't be arsed Thursday

Confession time. I'm having one of those "I'm self employed, I can sit here, do nothing and wear my PJs all day if I want" days...

Yup, my day has gone something like this (feel free to skip this part, it's so mundane, reading it may very well put YOU to sleep too!!):
  • Sleep in, get up, breakfast, think about my To Do list.
  • Check emails, reply to emails, check Facebook, reply to copious amounts of posts on Facebook.
  • Check and reply to fan mail (bahaha, kidding .... sort of?!).
  • Shower, get back into PJs, contemplate doing something with my wet hair and face, possibly even get dressed....
  • Think about lunch.
  • Do some client work [insert shocked face here - I know, I don't know what came over me?!  .. maybe it was the empty bank balance talking...]
  • Inspire myself so much by doing that one little job, I follow it up with another!
  • Check them both off the To Do list.
  • Make lunch, eat lunch.
  • Sit here scratching my head, try and fend off boredom.
  • Eat an unnecessary early afternoon snack, or two, due to boredom.
  • Feel the dreaded 4.30pm slump come on, and ohhhhhh yup, I've hit "can't be arsed" mode.  Might as well just give up the day as done now....

Awesome.  I WISH I was kidding....!!!

SO, sitting here having one hell of an internal monologue battle, that feels like it's been raging for centuries, I'm forced to contemplate my day's training....  
"It's 4.30 Amy, it's time to hit the cross trainer - you've done NOTHING all day!  Can't, legs too sore from double-whammy session yesterday.  Yes you can - go for a walk instead?!  Can't, too rainy and dreary outside and I don't want to get dressed.  Whatever, get up off your arse and just do it!  Don't want to... too tired and stiff, I'll go hard tomorrow - just want to sit on my bum, watch something worthless on TV and do nothing - after all, I have done TWO tiny jobs today!  FINE. Sit on your bum and watch a DVD, but guess what - you'll be dragging that bike into your loungeroom first...  and that's where you'll be sitting - mandatory!"  

Far out, I hate that "Dictator Amy" inside my head - can't she give a girl a break?!   Must she insist on being so freaking dedicated?!!    NOTE: Training these days is "non-negotiable" - so really, I don't know why I bothered fighting against it...?!

My faithful stead!
... and no, I don't really have four feet...  o.O
So after dragging the bike inside (leaving a trail of dead leaves and dirt behind me), wipe off the hoard of cobwebs and dust (haven't used this baby in a while)...  I now have to vacuum my house too!

And if that wasn't punishment enough, I find out my electronics on the bike are now dead, and I can't read how many kilometres I'm doing anymore!  (*sob insanely - I'm a fiend for that info!  Can't train properly without numbers!!).

STIFF!  An hour on the bike it is - cals burnt is what counts!

Ok, ok...  Ride away! .........

So two episodes of my Charmed DVD later, some seriously stiff thighs (they hate me right now - I interval between the top two settings), and 1285 cals burnt in the process, I'm now contemplating dinner.... mmm dinner... ! 

SO, this is what happens when Amy entertains the thought of being an uber-sloth all afternoon - there will be sweat and hell to pay - self-inflicted punishment for being lazy!  ... and come to think about it, you gotta love a girl with a fiesty attitude (even if it does come from an insane internal monologue!)  She's just keeping me in check after all, and now that my training's done, I really CAN go be slothful!

...  and here endeth the lesson on laziness for the day! 

[PS: bike is staying in the middle of the loungeroom until further notice - to remind me of my obligations unto myself. Let this be a lesson to all of you!!!]

xx  :)


  1. Wow, Amy... Your 'can't be arsed' days sound exactly like mine!! Except insert 'walk crazed dog' into the exercise bike slot ;) Hope you enjoyed it and feel VERY proud for your hour slog on the bike despite not being in the mood! As Michelle Bridges would say JFDI!!

  2. So you are NOT ALLOWED a rest day ?????? Please dont tell me you exercise 7 days at that intensity that you are known for .. all athletes have a rest day ... come on why couldnt today be your rest day its obvious that your body is calling you for a rest .. haha .. serious tho .. you should have one day off a week so your body can recoup ..

  3. Oh I DO have rest days!! It was on Tuesday... hence, why today was a MUST DO session!


  4. Oh ok then *phew* .. so glad to hear that .. but you can have easy days as well ;-) ..

    I wish I didnt have to get dressed for work HAHA :-)

  5. Girl you're a machine.

  6. Being a work-from-homer like you, your day sounds very, very familiar.

    However, some of my work involves chocolate reviews (including photographing them) so any 'break' I take usually includes sampling the left overs.....

  7. Oh no Kath!!! That sounds like torture!!! [read: yummmmmmmmmm] haha!

    ... I'd be in SO much trouble...! I'm photographing shoes for a catalogue at the moment, which may be just as bad - more for the pocket, not so much the thighs!!!! ;)

  8. 1200 cals in one session? Man, I struggle to get 300-600 :/

    That's insaaaaaaaaaaaane! :D

  9. That's ME! hahaha... I can't do anything small...!!!

  10. Hey Amy, love your blog! My goodness, you are such a beautiful looking woman. I mean, really, have you looked at the photos of yourself? Stunning! I was with BLC a couple of years ago, and damn do I wish I had kept at it like you have. Now I have to try and get DOWN to where I started all those years ago. What a strong, focussed woman you are. I look forward to reading more of your "bloggy goodness".
    Suzy xxx (nicewhitedress)

  11. Love your dedication. And recognise the dictator in your head. They are loud aren't they?

  12. Hmm...last post on Feb 17th. Get your arse into gear young lady and start typing!