Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Operation G-Y-M: I'm so PUMPED!

Hahaha... now seriously, am I having a
Flashdance moment here or what?!!

Well I did it - and now I'm TOTALLY PUMPED!!  
Operation G-Y-M
is now in full swing - and my first class today was PUMP!  I was pretty nervous walking in there - I mean, really, I've only ventured into the gym TWICE in my entire life prior to this, and neither times did I actually do anything sweaty?!  So walking in today was a bit of a butterflies-in-tummy moment AGAIN, but without doubt, knew I'd be in there regardless of whether I liked it or not!

Went up to the teacher and introduced myself, said I had bad knees (so she gave me alternatives where necessary) and she helped me grab the appropriate gear, and "take my position in the class".

Now, confession:  I chose today's 1pm class as I figured it'd be less crowded, less likely to be full of scary, buff, athletic, super-intimidating types, and would let me ease into this whole thing with a little less fear...   SCORE!!!   My class consisted of a few  'yummy mummies' taking five from their kids, a couple of "lunchtimers" (skinny minis who looked like they needed a decent feed during their lunch break instead of a workout!!).... and some SERIOUSLY buff older folks!   ... and honestly, I mean SERIOUSLY!   [Was thinking to myself "far out, I hope I'm THAT buff when I'm their age! ... assuming I make it through this class first?!"]    

Ahem, moving on...!

SO, what is BodyPump?!  Well, according to my class timetable descriptions (hahaha the source of all of my knowledge right now): A non-impact, weights to music class, which is designed to give your body a complete workout. Great music and your choice of weight will inspire you to get the results you came for. Les Mills program, level 2 (low impact, moderate to high intensity).


20 kilos?!  - I WISH!!!
My teacher geared me up with a barbell and two 2.5kgs weights (one on either end) and an aerobic step, and I was good to go!!

And go I did!!!

Now, I've always been a fan of free weights - but never really known what to do with them.  They get incorporated into my routines "when I feel like a bit of burn" - but for lack of understanding and education, they're just something I tack onto the end of a routine, to help with the arm flabbage...    THIS WAS A WHOLE NEW EXPERIENCE IN WEIGHTS!!!

And I LOVED IT!   Granted, I was only lifting 5kgs - but it's enough that I can feel it in my shoulders and arms already, my legs and my core.  Next time, I plan on going two kilos up - because I KNOW I can go harder (given how little resistance I was "suffering" today) - but that's my benchmark and up I go!   One of the lovely ladies in the class with me (who was helping me out the way through - bless her!) said that I was doing "really great for a beginner!  some people can barely lift the 1kgs!"  - SO I'm pretty happy for my first class!

NOW!  Given my Wednesdays are committed to my Zumba class - I'm hitting a double-whammy tonight!   First time I've ever done two sessions in one day - but I'm committed to hitting that hall with all the other awesome shimmy and shakers!!!   All going well (and depending how I pull up tomorrow?!) this will become a regular, and I'm actually REALLY looking forward to the challenge!!

Can't wait for next week's pump class now, and I'm sitting here working on my diary (as part of the pre-season 12WBT "organise and diarise" challenge) and nutting up just what I'll be doing when, how and with who for the upcoming few months!   I can't wait to see what's coming up by the end of it!

Now, I urge you all to go out and get pumping - SO much fun!!!  



  1. See Missus - what did I tell you. LOVE pump - my favourite knee friendly class - nothing to be scared about at all. Things get scary after you've been going for a while and your posse get competetive... and you start discussing squat weights. So glad you loved it!

  2. Loving the Flashdance Shot! HOTT! ;)

  3. Haha! for some reason my post came up as Anonymous... anyway, that was me! xx

  4. Oh weird!? It did it again... Okay this is Kell Bradley anyway! So glad you Loved Pump! You are going to totally smash your goals this year Lady! x

  5. Hahaha... thanks Kell, freaking hope so!! xx

  6. Completed my Zumba class tonight - without TOO much issue!!! Means I can definitely go harder next week with a double-whammy again! Bring it on! :D

  7. And you cant see the elite althlete in you!!! LOL most people can hardly lift much weight in that first class and I know a few beginners to the class of pump that start off with no weight on the bar just to get the feel of the moves .. so even though this is your first class you are far from a beginner you my girl are a pro ... congrats on your enthusiasm .. am loving it .. its infectious :-)

  8. Awww thank you! :D Yup, loved the class - can't wait til the next one, I love a challenge!!! Gonna have to throw something else into the mix in the meantime, keeps me on my toes! ;)

  9. Wow - well done. I've never done a pump class, still too shy to go, I guess. Your photo shows a gorgeous young woman in the prime of her life.

  10. And that "flashdance" photo of you is absolutely gorgeous .. you are so beautiful :-)

  11. you look AWESOME aim!! really amazing photo!