Friday, February 4, 2011

Commando says WHAT?!

Is this not THE COOLEST kudos for my achievements so far..?!  

It's not widely known that I've been a member of The Biggest Loser Club in the past three years.  In fact, it's one of my biggest best-kept secrets - up until now!!!

Being a member of The Club has definitely changed my life. I initially signed up for just a few weeks to see if it would help, and three years later, I'm really proud to be one of the longest serving members, and have the results to go with it!

Having no idea if the program would work at all (and actually believing I'd fail within the first week) - it surprises the hell out of me that I've been able to come this far - just eating and exercising!!!   That's what happens when you find a tool that works for you I guess?!   The online diary (and it's extensive database of foods), the basic menu (to help me re-learn how to eat) and ofcourse, the HUGE amount of awesome support, understanding and camaraderie in the forums (without them, I'd have been lost!) - it's the combination that helped me get the momentum I needed to make the first initial changes, and then ride each kilo after kilo out thereafter... 

The Biggest Loser Club recently launched their new Online Member Meetings - and as one segment of the program, Commando Steve gives a 'shout out' to acknowledge the awesomeness of a few of the BLC members each week.  Being given this acknowledgment in just its second week, from the team at BLC and, ofcourse, the hunky Commando himself, is extremely humbling - and a HUGE motivator to keep me going!   [... and I really can't wait for him to "celebrate me" again when I reach goal, hahahaha!]

Never thought in a million years I'd be referred to as a "Little Lady"  - that was just the icing on the cake, and I don't believe anyone would be able to wipe the smile off my face that I've been sporting since it aired on Monday!!!!

Thank you to BLC and all the incredible forum friends I've made through there - your support is invaluable and I would NOT have come this far without you!!   I have nothing but heartfelt gratitude for your generosity, enthusiasm and belief - I stopped feeling "alone" when I found understanding in other people's goals and hurts too - and THAT has always been the difference...

Thank you..  always!



  1. Woo hoo! Yay for you and for the Commando for giving you the thumbs up. You should be proud of yourself for what you've achieved and for how enthusiastic you are in inspiring otherse.

  2. Thanks much ladies!! I'm SUPER chuffed!!! :D

  3. I have just stumbled across your blog whilst browsing and what a find! You are one amazing woman and you write very well. Congratulations on such an incredible journey and you deserve all the praise coming your way.


  4. Awwww thank you so much Danielle - appreciated! :)

  5. OMG Amy!!! That was so awesome! I'd be smiling all week too if I were you.... and taking a few cool showers to cool myself down! I got a bit of a hot flush watching that.. swoon!! LOL! xxx

  6. ... tell me about it Kell, hahaha! *cold shower* STAT!!

  7. amy...amy..amy...WHAT A HUGE STAR YOU ARE.... SOOO SOO PROUD OF YOU really are a inspriration to soo many of us.... keep up the great work amy.. and i cant wait to see hunky commando tell you you have reached your goal...well done to you !!!!!!!!!!!xxxxxxxxx

  8. Aww Amy - just fantastic. That was a SMILE! And its true, you are an inspiration.

  9. That's brilliant Amy. You deserve to smile, you deserve kudos, and most definitely the recognition from BLC for your tenacity and perserverance. xx