Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ditch the excuses

Spur of the moment decision - after enviously watching my Facebook friends talk excitedly about joining the Michelle Bridges 12 week Body Transformation challenge - I bit the bullet and signed up today!   Enter really nervous excitement here!!!

I don't know what was holding me back - maybe it's the thought of stepping out of my comfort zone again, or thinking "after three years, I really shouldn't need this type of challenge"...  (piffle to that -  challenges rock!!), or perhaps it was simply stepping into a new 'social' circle of other 12WBTers, where I'd have to re-introduce myself and fight those old habitual fears of meeting new people?!    Couldn't quite put my finger on it... whatever my excuse was for procrastinating against signing up was laughable when I read our first lot homework...

One of our first pre-season tasks is to write out our list of EXCUSES.  To admit to all the ridiculous, mundane, insane excuses that we throw out to the universe about why we can't exercise or eat well for a healthy lifestyle - and then contemplate solutions for them.  Considering I'd been procrastinating over signing up for a couple of weeks for no apparent reason, I found that ironic!

Add to the fact that when I initially read the task, I thought to myself "surely after three years of doing this, I don't really let excuses get in my way?"   HA!   Come on now, Little Miss Lazy - there's your first excuse right there!  Complacency - and the number one reason I joined!!!

So now doing my homework, unleashing all the horrible excuses from past and present - it's already testing this psyche of mine!   I'm already up to 50 excuses - ranging from "I can't buy gym clothes that fit" right through to "the batteries have run out of my MP3 player"...  ohhhh yep, I've used them all!   50 and counting... !!!

Oh yeah, this is definitely going to test me in the next few weeks...   Bring it on!!!!  

xxx   :)


  1. Now up to 70... good lord... !!!

  2. You should post a list of your excuses here!! I'm sure a LOT of us could identify with them and even recognize some we use but didn't even realize it...

  3. 1. It's too hot and there's a cyclone on the way.
    2. Oops I overslept and I don't want to go out looking like an unmade bed.
    3. I feel ridiculous walking to nowhere in particular on my own.
    4. I can't find the bike pump.
    5. Someone might ring me and want to meet up
    etc, etc, etc.