Saturday, January 22, 2011

One foot in front of the other...

Let's walk!
Hi, my name's Amy.... and I'm addicted to exercise...   

Yes really!!

This week alone, I've already put in five sessions - and not little ones either!   Two river circuits, two 1-hour cross trainer sessions and a grueling zumba class - and my poor legs are definitely feeling it tonight!   In fact, this whole month it's been like this!   WHERE has this crazy energy come from?!

Yep... I'm definitely addicted!!   There was a thread going on our little weightloss group's wall recently about exercising - those who love it, LOVE IT - and those who hate it, well....  they still hate it.  Then there's those who just do it because they know they have to...  

I used to LOATHE exercise - the thought of it made me cranky and melodramatic!  I HATED the idea of sweating (I was dead set against it) - least of all being seen in public strutting my [revolting] stuff.   It was my own shame that was the brutal force against it though, not the activity!    .... but I struggled through the first initial stages, and just "did what I had to do" because I knew it was a necessity.

On the road again...
I've touched on it before, but it took a long time for me to brave any form of exercise in public - walking was the first activity that I incorporated into the routine where I couldn't hide from the world...

I used to walk in a t-shirt and skirt (used to be too ashamed to wear tracky pants in public because of my shape - skirt and joggers it was!), and full makeup - and used to get funny looks from people because I looked so out of place.

I could barely make it just one lap around the 3kms river circuit (after I pushed further than around the corner of my house) - I'd be huffing and puffing, excruciatingly embarrassed, so fatigued I feared I'd never make it home, and it'd take me at least 45 minutes...   and ohhhhh the pain!!!

NOW I'm bounding out my back gate in my tight tracky pants and singlet top, three circuits and 9.5kms later and back home again in just over an hour! (next goal is to push for four!)

Bridges and all!
I am SO in love with my river walk! It's one of my 'guilty pleasures' - and how could I NOT enjoy it?!  I find it relaxing (albeit hot and sweaty), and slightly challenging - check out the hill I have to walk up at the END of each circuit, and the killer incline just to hit the road at the very top on my way home - OUCH after 9kms!  Let's me get out there and enjoy the sunshine without getting run over, with a pretty little scenic view!  

One of the most beautiful parts of my walk, however, has nothing to do with the scenery, challenge or endorphins....  more to do with the people.  There's some gorgeous 'regulars' that I see quite often on the track - the one's who take the moment to look up and smile or gesture and make you feel good!

There's a few of them that I pass quite often (I always seem to be going in the other direction!) and I'll affectionately refer to them as: the old white-bearded guy with the dog; the older couple with the really old dog that carries his ball in his mouth the whole way around (he shuffles along, he's so cute!); the tiny Asian couple that always smile and say hello; the mum and her young bub in the carrier on her back; the lady with the wonky hips (I think she's just fabulous!)... and so many others!

It makes me feel good seeing so many people out enjoying the park too - but also makes me feel like I belong - like I'm just as worthy of walking around that track as anyone else...  I feel like I've finally earnt my place - a really huge revelation for me! 

The killer hill at the end!
.... and it all just started with one foot in front of the other...  Amazing how something so simple can completely change your life!   When the "experts" all carry on about just starting small - walking to your mailbox, walking around the block, parking your car a little further away....  I thought it was all hogwash and would never actually make a difference.   I stand up today and acknowledge that I was wrong....

I still have days where I'm extremely body-conscious and want to run back inside and hide, but I crank up my tunes, throw the sunnies on and everything "outside" becomes obsolete!  .... just one foot in front of the other!

It took me a really long time to appreciate what this body is capable of - and the more I drop in size, the easier it gets and the more grateful I am to be able to use it!  I LOVE my training sessions now - and I'm SO grumpy without it!  Never thought in a million years that I'd ever get to this point, but this addiction of mine is definitely one of my better ones!!!

So I'm very proud to say now that I LOVE EXERCISE!  It's done so much more for me than just help with the weightloss - it's unleashed the power within and I'm extremely grateful to be capable of moving in ways I never thought I could....   I thank my frequent walks around the river for inspiring the love and giving me the confidence to extend to other activities - it surprises me every time I try something new just how different my attitude towards this has become!  

Exercise truly is a privilege, and I'm SO grateful for the second chance to appreciate it!

H20hhhhhhhh yeah!
1. Find somewhere enjoyable to walk - it makes it that much better! (or just do it anyway... no excuses!!!)
2. Music makes you walk faster - works for me?!  Anyone who tries to keep up with me complains.. haha!
3. Sunscreen, hats and sunnies are your FRIEND!  Who wants to look like a prune?!
4. Good shoes and socks are a MUST. If you're prone to toe blisters, strap up in fabric bandaids before they develop - it'll become your new training routine that you'll swear by!
5. Don't be scared of breaking into a jog...  you KNOW you want to!!!!   ;)

PS:  Don't forget your water - rehydrate, rehydrate, rehydrate!!!

SO what are you waiting for?!   Get out there and MOVE!  

:)   xx

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  1. Ohhh yeah! Hurts so good. I have so many favourite walks it's hard to pick just one, but here in Melbourne the 'Tan (around the Botanic Gardens) is so popular & utterly gorgeous. Local tracks are infinitely more people friendly though :)