Saturday, January 29, 2011

Donate blood - save lives!

Donate blood - be awesome!!
Just a little public service announcement today - all about blood donation!

I went in today to donate my second batch of healthy red blood cells - something I'm really proud of doing!  It was late last year that I'd gone in for the first time, anxious and unsure, when the newspaper that I work for threw out a community challenge to get behind the opening of a new 'Blood Bank' in Orange.  Never having done anything like that before, I was full of trepidation ("needles and pain and ewwww!") - but I was quickly proven wrong!!

Today's effort took little over 6 minutes to finish - SUPER easy!  The paperwork prior takes longer than that, but it's the awesome milkshake, chocolate, cheese and crackers after that made it all the more worthwhile!!!   (not to mention the legitimate excuse to put off training for one afternoon - for real!!!)

But let's not bypass the real reason I was there...  Blood donation is a critical service.  I'm sure there's many of us who know someone whose needed a transfusion in their time (if not ourselves) - and it's those generous donors that step up, lay down, and pump out this precious commodity that grant them that privilege!

Given that one donation can save three lives (THREE people who need your help!) - it's no wonder that you walk out of there feeling mighty proud of yourself, and have an immediate need to announce to the world that you've just risen up another notch in your quest for Sainthood! (hahaha)

I urge everyone - who can - to take the challenge and become a regular blood donor!  I went in today with three of my work colleagues, and we've already pre-booked our next session in 12 weeks time... Throw the challenge out to YOUR workplace and get others involved too - makes it even more fun! The rewards far outweigh the small outlay of time, and your contribution is just amazing! 

For more information or to find your nearest outlet visit

Be awesome, always! 



  1. Very well said Aim. Donating blood doesn't hurt, doesn't take much time - and if you go to the blood bank in Melbourne, they used to make the best milkshakes and little sausage rolls for after. (Alas, I'm a Mad Cow and they won't let me give blood any more - bummer - it was my one community service activity)

    Thanks for getting this out there.

  2. Hi Aim
    What an amazing journey you have had and are still having. I wish you all the best for 2011 and look forward to lurking and leaving the occasional comment.
    I'm a health and wellness coach looking to inspire the world to fitness and make a healthy lifestyle a non intimidating reality for everyone - so if you do want to come and visit my blog sometiime, I would love to see you.

    Liz N
    PS - good luck with the 12wbt :)

  3. Unfortunately I am not allowed to donate blood or organs. So good on you those who do.

  4. ha worked that time.

  5. I used to donate for a long time...even gave a direct donation to a car smash victim while they were trying to stop her bleeding. Then I had a stroke and they wouldn't let me donate again. It was always so worthwhile and I miss it.