Monday, January 10, 2011

Take that Christmas Pudding!

So it wasn't really a shock to the system when I came home from a month out of my usual routine to find a gain of 3.5 kilos on the scales...  It wasn't a great 'welcome home' either, mind you!

I guess eating dad's pre-packaged hospital sandwiches (revolting as they were) but leaving the crusts wasn't exactly the strategy that was going to keep those kilos at bay - despite my best justification that there's less calories if it's someone else's leftovers and you only eat the middle?!  

... or the processed turkey and ham smothered in gravy that the hospital served up for "Christmas lunch" with a side of lollies (the lunch lady had decided - in her wisdom - that the patient who'd been released for the day's meal should become mine...  Grateful as I was, I think the patient got the better end of the deal!)

.... and let's not even mention the Christmas puddings with custard that kept calling my name from the fridge... just because they were free didn't mean I needed to eat them!!!   Oh who am I kidding, ofcourse it did...  :/

Knew I was in for a rude awakening when I got home, despite my sporadic efforts at exercising (or exorcising?!) these food demons away - and that 3.5 kilos starring back at me only confirmed what I already knew! 

Welcome home Amy!  Glad to see you and your spare tyre home again!! 

So it was back to it thereafter. Back to the dedicated 'breakfast, lunch and dinner' routine, with a side of butt-kicking exercise - and purging the poor (overloaded) system of processed carbs "cold turkey" - without gravy!

Within the week, I'd dropped those 3.5 kilos on their head!  Miraculous really.  Maybe this was my belated Christmas miracle?!  By official weigh-in, I'd hit 3.8 kilos gone - and joyously riding the lowest number I've seen on the scales to date!

Prior to heading off to Sydney early December, battling a ridiculously stubborn plateau, I KNEW how hard it was going to be to stay on par without my trusty routine in place - so I'd armed myself with a hefty dose of reality that I'd probably come back needing to start the process all over again, and not let one number on the scales be my undoing...    Mission accomplished!

So what's the pay-out for an awesome WIN like that?!    .... A stomach bug that's decided to make mince-meat out of my insides for the past 24 hours...   Oh please!   You know I'll only use that to my advantage... !!!!   ;)


  1. Only problem with stomach bugs - you tend to put it all back on when you start eating regularly again - but yeah, can see your rationale. hope you're feeling better - and well done on getting back on track.

  2. Oh I thought the same thing too, but the number on the scales this morning was so exciting, I really don't want to see it go backwards!! Just provoked me working harder this week to keep it there! :D