Sunday, April 10, 2011

Week Four - Seeing double!


Oh yeah, that insane, maniacal hooting and hollering over Bathurst was MEEEEEE this morning!!!  Guess who has finally HIT HER DOUBLE DIGITS!!!!

(*insert repeated jumping up and down here....  and then repeat it again!!!!*)

Can't believe I've finally cracked it - I'm absolutely gobsmacked, SO totally relieved and insanely happy right now!  One crazy number on the scales has sent me WILD!  hahaha!

Well, not just any double digits neither - but I'm down to 99.2 to be exact!!! (I nearly missed the 99s entirely, bahaha!)  Thank you double and triple-whammy workouts this week, and this blissful 1.6 loss!!!

What a freaking awesome way to conclude Week Four of the Challenge - it's been one VERY up and down "emotional roller-coaster" week this one!   After having my 'pre-100 meltdown' last weekend, and then my negatively-geared commentary bringing on some serious self-doubt and waterworks - not to mention all the intense workout sessions over the course of the week (I'm a lil tired bunny right now!) - I am SO VERY PLEASED to report in today with such a milestone moment high!!!

This week's "Baring Skin" swimming challenge was FABULOUS!  Tuesday I hit the pool for my first session - and managed 40mins / 30 laps... Was so happy with being back in the pool, I hit it again on Thursday AFTER my PT session and cross trainer stint, for 30mins / 30 laps...    And not to be outdone, Saturday morning's Aqua Aerobics session (which was so much FUN!) was followed by another 40mins / 40 laps!!!    My inner-mermaid was on fire!   ... and I'll definitely be adding more swims to the mix in the weeks ahead!

Now, to say I've been working hard is a slight understatement - I'm working at a totally new fitness level!  All my weights are up in Pump; I'm going harder, faster, stronger in RPM; I'm adding sessions to my 'slow days' (can't be sitting still now can I?!) and even my PT has upped the duration of all my favourite killer moves - my side planks are now up to 3sets / 15seconds each side, and my prone hold is now 3sets / 30 seconds - and I'm getting through them!!     I'm totally AMAZED at my body right now - I can definitely feel the difference in my fitness, my muscles and my endurance - after just a few weeks of new gym activities, I've risen to an entirely new level, and I'm totally IN LOVE with what it's doing for both my mind AND body!!    Dare I say it... 'gym junkie'??!!!  hahaha!

OHHH and a huge shout out to the Team Amy crew who have now lost an amazing 80+ kilos together in four weeks!   You guys are freaking ROCK STARS and I'm so incredibly proud of your efforts, and stepping up to the Challenge with me!   Keep it going - a few more weeks to go, MUSH MUSH MUSH!!!!  ;)

SO excited guys - I went to go and buy myself my 'double figure' reward - a new pair of seriously sexy runners, but having tried them on (and didn't like how they felt) - I'm back to the drawing board...  SOOOOO.... reward suggestions are welcome! 

Now, back to my wooohooooo-ing and bouncing!!!   :D   

Bring on the new week!!


Check out the write-up in my
local newspaper yesterday!!  


  1. One perfect reward - COME TO MELBOURNE ON THAT VISIT! SOOOOOOO proud of you. Excellent!

  2. YAYYYYYYYYYYY. So excited for you. And - yea - come to Melbourne!

  3. Wow great work, I'm so very happy for you, I have been reading your blogs since I started BLC and you have inspired me each and everyday. This is an amazing milestone moment and I know I don't know you personally but I see your struggles like my own, which I'm sure many of us do. And for what it's worth I'm so proud of you!


  4. OMG!! I have tears in my eyes for you babe! You have been through so much in your life and I can truly hear how happy you are in the words you write. You are a true inspiration and worth every minute of fame you may achieve (even if others think otherwise!)
    Much Love
    Tracey B

  5. YIPPEEEEE!!!!

    Go have a facial, or a massage (your muscles will thank you), or a mani pedi...or hell all 4....YOU HAVE EARNT IT!!!!



  6. WOW!! There are no words. You are a goddess. :-D

  7. wahooooo!!!! i am sooo proud of you beautiful girl i cannot tell you how happy i am for you right now.... i think you deserve a reward amy ....have you ever had a pedicure..?.soooo magic on the old feet.... if your up for it ill book us in for one neo nails... i am sooo soo happy for you right now .... big hugs coming your way xxxx

  8. HUGE CONGRATS! This is such fantastic news, and you totally deserve it!

  9. YEEEEHAAAAAA!!!!!!! I am SOOO excited for you Amy! I just got tears in my eyes reading your post... 99.2!! You are a MACHINE! I am so very proud of you. You DID IT darling girl! So happy for you! And I totally agree with Pand... Melbourne is the PERFECT reward! Kell xxx

  10. Awwwww thanks guys!! Yes, I'm stoked!! I just went and bought my weekly groceries, and a bunch of flowers for myself! AND a new pair of runners off ebay - rewards that help promote further forward momentum!!! (LOVE THEM)

    Thanks again - so so very appreciated!!! xxx :D

  11. Well there ya go! I've been waiting for you to get down to the naughty nineties and you've done it. I bet this time last year you had no idea what was in store for you and I can't think of anyone I'd rather see it all happening for. Well done Wonder Woman!

  12. That is a brilliant achievement. You're a winner on so many levels, Amy - willpower, determination, strength, life lessons, responsibility, beauty, maturity. I could go on but '99.2' says it all, doesn't it?

  13. Amazing!!! Congratulations, you are an inspiration! x

  14. Another 1.2kg and you will have lost 90kg!!! That is MIND BOGGLING!

  15. I KNOW... I realised that too the other day Jac, and my tummy totally turned over! God the numbers are insane...!!!! Can't think of them, too overwhelming - 5 kilos at a time!!! :D