Sunday, March 27, 2011

Week Two - Amy's Food Evolution

Hello food lovers!!!  :D

French toasty goodness...
Well, as this FOOD CHALLENGE draws to a close - time to do a little reflecting...  I can't tell you how much of a relief it is though..  I do believe I'm in sensory overload - my stomach has gone into delectable shock - and I was very much fearing the scales were going to reflect the fact that all I've done all week is EAT!  hahaha!

Since last Monday's challenge announcement, I'm proudly boasting that I've sourced, produced and eaten 17 brand spanking new dishes this week (plus another 2 to follow today if I can summon the energy, hahaha)!   I'm really shocked that I managed to push through this one and come out the other end with such an array of fab food - the variety and the flavours I've had within the week, wow... just fabulous!!!   The fact they came from my own hand is just a total shock!   I'm a novice in the kitchen (I can burn hard boiled eggs for crying out loud!) - but it just goes to show that ANYONE can rustle up some healthy, delicious food if they set their mind to it!

SO, in light of the challenge, I DID venture down the path of a few 'key' ingredients that I've never really tried before - the lentils, tofu, kangaroo and liver (ohhh that dreaded liver suggestion) definitely came into play!

Amy's Kangaburger - delicious!!
My Kangaburger, for one, was JUST BEAUTIFUL - and sat at 385 cals for the meal (PERFECT).

The Tomato & Chickpea soup was nothing short of delicious - and Kell's Bircher Muesli was just a FIND!!!  (though she did keep telling me how fab it was prior to me actually trying it..!!!) 

Mmmmm potato....

My savoury Lentil & Ham Stuffed Potato was MAGIC and I love the fact that with just a bit of imagination, you can turn an "old favourite" into something new and exciting - like the french toast with the berries & yogurt on top (totally changed the flavour with the topping, crazy!).

OHHHH... and the Liver casserole... let's not forget this one!  The source of MUCH contention and discussion!!!   Yes, I shuddered too initially - but proved to be one of the biggest eye openers of all!  Sitting at about 300 cals for the serve - certainly drove home the message of the challenge in its entirety...

Shiver me Livers!
We are VERY lucky in this country to have the array of food that we do - not to mention THE QUALITY.  We're lucky to have the CHOICE to eat what we want to eat on a daily basis, and the means to feed ourselves in the manner that we do.  We take that for granted on a daily basis - and really shouldn't stick our nose up at "alternatives" (like the liver!) that may very well be someone else's staple diet...    The liver dish happened to be one of the cheapest meals I produced - but packed so full of flavour and benefits - no wonder it was something that families lived off (and/or 'survived off') before we got so overly precious about the cuts of meat in our dishes!!!

I take my hat off to those who continue to adapt their food palette and try new things...  It takes a dash of courage and a bit of imagination sometimes - but is definitely something we should try more often!  Cooking doesn't have to be a 'chore' by any means - adopt the attitude of those who love it so much - and you'll understand why they adore it!  It's exciting finding new discoveries - it's liberating to formulate a masterpiece - and it's a sensory indulgence for the whole YOU (not just your tastebuds, but on all levels - the colours, shapes, textures, combinations, flavours, aromas.... everything!!!)

... and coming out this side of Commando's Challenge, I can now appreciate food and variety on such a new level - and agree wholeheartedly that "boredom IS our biggest enemy"...   Don't let yourself fall into the trap of going about everything in the same old way (food included) - "do what you've always done, get what you've always got".  We're creatures of habit, for sure, but by breaking it up, trying something new and embracing CHANGE - it'll be the force that continues to drive you forward!!!

So my "Food Evolution" will continue...  after all, we DO have to eat, and we all know how much I like to eat... hahaha!    ... and I'll say it again, food is NOT our enemy - it's our friend!!!

For all my new easy and delish recipes, check out the Aim to Change website!


86kgs GONE!
Well this Food Challenge business was like a full-time job the past week, let me tell you!!!  I felt like all I'd been doing all week was slaving over a hot stove and eating!!!

So, ofcourse I was VERY nervous coming into weigh-in this morning..!!!  

HOWEVER!  *drum roll please*....

I pulled a 1.6kgs loss this week (WOOHOOO)

AND hit my 85kgs lost mark (again WOOHOOOO!).

Double whammy celebrations!! 

Now onto Week Three...  let's see what the Commando has in store for me this time!


  1. YEAH BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. You are really doing such an amazing job at kicking ass!
    Well done on the the 85kg loss mark but seriously WOW!

    Lots of love,
    Karen (Kaz24)

  3. Well done, Amy! I'd say you well and truly kicked that challenge's butt! You have given me some great recipe ideas too!

    In honour of the challenge this week I lashed out and made myself a spicy dish. I don't eat spicy food, not because I don't like it, but because I can't handle it! But I made one and it was delicious! Maybe I hardened up?! Lol. And my flatmate made a curry which was also great. I must start making a list of all these 'conquers', lol.

    Also, took your advice and bought some Pantalica Ricotta Cheese - haven't been a Ricotta lover (haven't even tried it since I was a child) and found I really like it! Also discovered couscous is really easy to make and you only need half of what the packet calls a "serving size". What a great challenge!!

    Oh, and I cannot believe the Team Loss is up to OVER 50KG!! WHOOP!!

  4. P.S. You are SO CLOSE to being under 100kg!! You must be SO EXCITED!! I shall do a happy dance for you :-)

  5. You are AMAZING ... well done ... you are going to SMASH this challenge ... :-)

  6. Congratulations Amy!!! You are transforming before our eyes ... so proud of you ! cheers, Helen ;-)