Friday, March 11, 2011

Sabotaged... by my fridge?!

Food, glorious food....?!  o.O
Now, I know there's MANY of us out there who have been "sabotaged" in our weightloss efforts in one way or another... and many more of us who desperately try to avoid it in order to win our own wars!

You know what I'm talking about... that glorious (read: evil) birthday cake that shows up in the office and you just can't resist (it'd be rude after all?!), or the surprise takeaway dinner your loved one brings home (thinking they're doing the right thing by giving you the night off cooking), or the surprise 'thank you' chocolates for a job well done...  

And ofcourse, that's not even taking into consideration the SELF-SABOTAGE that we put ourselves through!!!  (oh yes, we've all been there....!)

... But COME ON!  Since when does your FRIDGE need to get in on the act?!!

It dawned on me the other night when I opened the fridge - about to don my 'Masterchef' persona - that something was just not right.

My celery was limp (more than usual?!). The mozzarella had mould. The egg cartons were room temperature.  ... and there was the most funky smell coming out of the vegetable crisper...

Oh yes, the fridge was on the fritz!   The freezer on top was blowing a gale, it was like a deathly Arctic winter up North (without the penguins), and a tropical paradise in the crisper down South (along with the melodic notes of ROT).

NOT HAPPY!!!  The balance of my weekly shopping was now a shade of green that really wasn't healthy....  and all my "freshies" had retired to spend the last of their days in the big green wheelie bin in the sky.

I've since salvaged what I could and relocated it to the back-up fridge (the old one outside) - and I'm now visiting 'Leftover City' - but it won't be until Sunday when I'm off for the weekly shop that I can restock on all those glorious veggies and fresh foods that HELP me stay on track!

SO my fridge and I are now at war!   This kind of sabotage will NOT be tolerated!!!  I know these things are sent to test you - and test me it certainly has - but I certainly won't be backing down in a hurry.  I've since used up the pumpkin for a glorious pumpkin/veggie curry (two meals worth), healthy nacho mix that was freezable, and I'm getting creative again tonight with some zucchinis and eggplant that are at 'critical' status!

.... and I'll deal with that wretched fridge "later"  - when I'm NOT so busy!   We'll be having words....

* * * * * * * * * *

In other news!  Apologies for being a little AWOL lately - been a busy girl, working on a catalogue deadline for a client and running around madly (as I do!) trying to keep a roof over my head and food in my cat's belly!!!

My VERY EXCITING NEWS is not that far away now guys - and I just KNOW you'll be as excited about it as I am!!   Can't wait to bring you up to speed!

Until then, keep your saboteurs in check - make sure your fridge is working!!



  1. Wow, that is one form of saboteur I haven't come across as yet :) I've experienced the others, but am seriously hoping my fridge doesn't get in on the act.

    You have handled it so well, congratulations on your efforts Aim.

  2. The treachorous bastard. Tell it that men with spanners will SORT IT OUT!!

  3. LOL. You're hilarious. Love the way you've spun your tale. Whilst I feel empathetic for you, I'm still having a giggle :) hehe


  4. My fridge is alive and well but still managing to secret things away behind larger items, so that the expiry date sneaks past without me realising it.
    I'm getting better at keeping it under control though... being without power for 64hrs after the cyclone and losing about $350 worth of food has made me really aware of what's in the depths of the freezer too. 4kgs of prawns stink to high heaven, even if they are in airtight containers!
    I've turned into the fridge police, cleaning the darn thing out at least weekly - I may even come to like it if I'm not careful!
    Oh and I'll be checking back again on Sunday ...your blog, not the fridge. I'm getting to be one curious cat.

  5. You'll all be pleased to know that the 'Fridge Wars' have been resolved! ... and I WON! :D

  6. Woohoo! You're always a winner in my books.