Sunday, March 20, 2011

Week One - weigh in

Happy Sunday to you!!  Well.... WOW.... What an insane week it's been!!!  SO much has happened this week, so let's recap and get into the nitty gritty... !!

I'm still reeling from the launch of the Challenge and all the support and excitement it's generated... it was COMPLETELY overwhelming at the start of the week, and I didn't really know whether I was coming or going most days!!  (haha..)   I was juggling two major project deadlines on top of the launch, AND the new exercise routines aswell - admittedly, got a little stressy, and the poor body didn't quite know what hit it!

BUT by Thursday, things had started to calm down again, and the routine was reverting to normal... and I'm really pleased to say that overall, it's been one AWESOME FIRST WEEK!!!


Now, I'm freaking CHEERING for what I saw on the scales this morning, and let me tell you why...

I'm female (in case you hadn't noticed... hahaha)  - and the past few days, I've been riding the "Bloat Boat" interconnected with the "Retain Train".... ahhhh yes, you ladies know exactly what I'm saying here dontchya.... ;)

Yup, good old body timed it perfectly for my first official weigh in, and sneaking a peak on the scales the last few days, and seeing a 2.5kilo GAIN that had progressively crept on, I was thinking today's report was going to be pretty dismal...   (I ALWAYS gain between 2-3kgs - I've NEVER managed a loss during TTOM).

SO this morning, I was absolutely CHEERING when I clocked in an 800gmer!!!!   Say what?!!!  Tell me again Amy.... 800 GRAMS!!!  

Not only does this mean the "gain" I'd managed to accumulate was off, but that means this week's loss is actually really significant UNDER that crazy fluid retention!!    (.... lordy, bring on next week already!!!).   Add to the fact that in the past few weeks, I've unexpectedly dropped a whopper 5 kilos - I certainly wasn't expecting much result ANYWAY!  My body simply doesn't ordinarily perform like that!!!

SO, given the circumstance, and my being female...  I wanted to talk about keeping things in perspective - particularly given how lucky we are to have to deal with this TTOM stuff!!   (.... am sure my male readers are gonna LOVE this.. hahahaha)!!!

I've seen SO MANY WOMEN on the forums fall into the trap of being dismally upset by a "false gain" - throw in the towel and chuck a wobbly...  myself included!  (it nearly happened yesterday morning, when it dawned on me that EVERYONE was gonna know about my gain, hahaha... and I'm supposedly a "seasoned pro" at this?!).  

I wanted to point a few things out...
  • Fluid retention is NORMAL for women - if you monitor your losses and cycles, you'll actually start noticing patterns and body rhythms.  As I mentioned before, I usually gain between 2-3 kilos within a couple of days...  and again, within a few days it's GONE.  
  • Just because you're female and it's TTOM, it's not really a valid reason to sit on your butt and shovel chocolate down your throat is it?!  Considering it's a "false gain" and your body will naturally dispel that fluid, WHY add insult to injury and make it harder again to lose those kilos from an over-exaggerated indulgence?!!  The losses thereafter are ALWAYS reason to keep your eyes on the prize - and your food intake as normal as possible!!
  • Women's hormones GO CRAZY - the upset, angst and insanity comes from our hormonal imbalance at the time - and then add a dash of 'emotional overload' on top, I'd hazard a guess that bulk of us use THAT as our scapegoat, yeah?!  Keep your head in gear and your eyes forward... it happens, learn to deal with it, then move right back into gear thereafter!
  • Scales are fickle and DO NOT measure your real success.  So there's a gain on the scales, and you feel bloated, sick, sore, anxious and generally crappy....  if you CAN'T handle what those scales are going to tell you - DON'T USE THEM!!!   Come back to it next week. 
  • For those poor women who suffer horrendous cramping and pain, I salute you!  I'm VERY lucky in that I'm one that doesn't - so can still get out there and do my exercise (albeit less strenuous than usual).  Just look after yourselves, listen to your body... gentle exercise (walking, swimming, stretching) will make you feel like you've retained your control - but if you find yourself too "icky" to get through these things, then take take time out.   BUT limit it - a few days, not a few weeks off!!! 

Also wanted to show you guys just how hard I worked this week, and why "NUMBER CRUNCHING" doesn't always measure up!!!   .... again, it's about learning to keep your perspective, and your goal on the prize!

So according to my Diary entries here, my In/Out daily average was -1577 cals.
My weekly negative balance was -11,043 cals

Now, if you go off "formulas" and "if you just do this, you'll lose this..." tallies, I should have clocked in well over a kilo loss this week (and I sure as hell earnt it!!!).   BUT that's where you need to keep a level head.   Too many factors (like retention) will influence the figures - our own unique physiology WILL influence the result.

I've lost count of how many posts I've read over the years where people are absolutely beside themselves, angry because they didn't get the results they were "told" they'd get by following their program to the letter.   Whilst you're definitely NOT ALONE in your frustration, that's just how it goes unfortunately, and no reason to give up!!!

It's also why I'm not so phased losing half a kilo a week (and am forever telling people NOT to put a SAD FACE or downer on their "small losses")  - every loss is RELEVANT - and consistency will ALWAYS pull you closer towards your goal!   There's no certainty in anything we're doing - our bodies are SO unique and will do their own thing, in their own time, in their own way... who are WE to criticise that insanely amazing piece of machinery, just because of a "formula driven expectation"?!!

SO - keep it in perspective!   That's my little bit of wisdom and experience I'm imparting on you for the week! You put in the work and you WILL be rewarded over time, don't try and cut your corners because of impatience or frustration...  

I have NO DOUBT that after all the training I've put in this week and how bang on par I was with my food intake (and the negative balance thereafter) --- not only do I FEEL fantastic right now but I've pulled a 'first' with squashing the monthly retention on weigh in!  Next week is going to be FANTASTIC!!!


Launched my brand new Aim to Change website last night!!!   Go check it out!  :D

OHHH - and here's something I really wanted to shout out - BLC's "OPERATION: TEAM AMY" - has ALREADY clocked up an accumulated 17kilos(plus) lost for the week!!!   ... and not everyone's weighed in yet!    God you guys are ROCKING IT!!!

Anyone else who wants to throw some challenges on their plate and get involved - join us on Facebook or the BLC forums!!   :) 

Bring on WEEK TWO!!!


  1. So excited for you! That's fantastic!! I also gain 2kg or more during TTOM, and honestly the scales just have to become irrelevant during that time. Unfortunately, I am one of those people who suffer period pain and this last time I discovered a little secret - exercise HELPS period pain! Who woulda thunk it? Of course, I was a little gentler in the carrying out of said exercise, but still, it gave me a lovely glow and some endorphine induced pain relief, for which I was very grateful!

    P.S. The loss on Operation team Amy is now up to 18.9kg and I honestly think only about half have weighed in so far! I can't wait to weigh in tomorrow :-D

  2. Wonderful loss Aim, very well done. I also LOVE your encouragement for all women to keep perspective. Hormones suck when it comes to affecting our goal for the week, but consistency is definitely the key!! So proud of you for this week. You kept it together under difficult circumstances proving the right habits create the right environment to keep moving forward xxx

  3. Thankya ladies!! :D ... yeah I was relieved this morning to see the loss (it would ordinarily have gone up more - but I guess yesterday's hefty session helped on that one?!)... but today I've totally hit the energy wall with it.. hahaha!

    And yes, it's just something we women have to add to the mix - figured I might as well talk it out instead of hiding it away!

  4. Excellent start mate, especially as it's over TTOM. Here's to a great second week.


  5. Thanks for point two so true I know that but needed to be told that. I am women I am strong. xo ("we" are strong)

  6. Haha.. yes, we don't wanna "hear it"... but sadly it's true! ;)