Sunday, May 22, 2011

All aboard the AIM TRAIN!


NOW BOARDING: The AIM TRAIN - Traveling the track of the Century!

... yes, I truly do mean THE TRACK OF THE CENTURY! Not just any century either might I add... but my 100 KILOS LOST "century"!

That's right folks! I'm now into the final phase of the '100' - and we're bringing this baby home, with a bang... and a few TOOT TOOTs!!!

Starting on Monday 23rd May, the AIM TRAIN departs on yet another crazy Challenge! This time I'm off for 12 weeks - with a goal of reaching that - what I once deemed "ridiculously elusive" - century lost mark! And a monster milestone celebration at the end!

If you want to jump on the AIM TRAIN, just find Aim to Change on Facebook and jump aboard! There'll be much fun and frivolity to be had! Blog and video updates... giveaways... challenges... adventures... I may even let someone else order the "Captain" around!!!

Time to get moving again, and can't wait to run down this track with you guys!!

Amy's Goals, Re-commitment & Challenges
This one will be a bit of a "work in progress" as I go along... but as it stands right now, the goal is:

Starting weight: 95kgs = 7 kilos to go!

  • Recommit to a scheduled eating plan - including menu and shopping preparation
  • Formalise weekly training schedules - including at least one pump and RPM class at gym, a strength/resistance session per week
  • New recipe each week - and to share with the group
  • Recommit to drinking required water intake on a daily basis
  • Recommit to daily diary entry and tracking (need an awesome tool? Biggest Loser Club diary is TOPS!! - Click here!)
  • Regular blog updates and posts in the Aim to Change facebook page and group - the Captain must keep his passengers onboard!!

  • Try two new gym classes - Body Attack & LI X-Trainer - and incorporate into weekly schedules
  • Be able to complete a two minute prone hold by the end of the 12 week challenge (currently at 1:15)
  • Continue to develop jog intervals in walking route
  • Increase muscle composition through weekly weight training
  • Exercise 5-6 days per week - in accordance with body recovery and time schedules - REST DAY IS A MUST!!
  • Add more variety to my exercise schedule - stave off muscle-memory!

  • 7 kilos to lose in 12 weeks - to hit 88kgs on the scales (thus making my entire losses to date 100 kilos!)
  • Prepare for, and compete in the City to Surf 14kms fun run in August
  • Prepare for, and complete Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb in August


I pledge to give this Challenge my all - just as I've done in the past - with renewed vigor and my usual determination!

I shall respect my body and my time, and make realistic, proactive choices that are in keeping with my values and goals.

I commit to eating and exercising like a champion, and (as always) will continue to develop my habits in accordance to my new lifestyle. I will NOT cut corners, fast-track or brutalise this magnificent machine for the sake of a goal - instead, I pledge to listen to the needs of my body and adapt my routines accordingly.

I will celebrate the 'wins' and reward myself for a job well done.

At the completion of my 12 week Challenge, my combined reward AND final challege is a Bridge Climb and participation in the Sydney City to Surf. I commit to achieving my weightloss goal by this August deadline, and shouting out from the top of that bridge that I am now 100 kilos lighter, and NEVER going back. The girl that comes back down, and completes both of these final milestone challenges is the NEW AMY!

No ifs or buts... No excuses.



  1. Gotta hand it to you Amy, once you've made up your mind, you're one strong lady!
    I hope I can show as much commitment. I may not be able to do all the physical side of the challenge, but I'm going to do the best I can. Might need you to crack the whip though.
    Vickie xxxxxxxx

  2. get to the gym at least once a week, hopefully twice (new job may make that hard at first) for the 12 weeks. Also, food diary and cal intake goals to be kept 6 days per week as a minimum. It may not seem much...but it is where my journey starts!
    BTW..Amy is Awesome as ever!

  3. I'm onboard! Excited to be with you on this leg of your journey too!
    I'll commit to trying new classes at the gym. Attempt a new recipe each week (my cooking skills suck by the way lol).
    I will get back to diarising my efforts.
    I will rest my knee when it feels sore and not beat myself up about it...
    I will be doing the 'Mini Brisbane Kokoda Challenge' next Sunday (30km).
    I would love to be there with you in August to do the Bridge Climb...(a wish, not committment - too far away financially!)But my thoughts and excitement for you wil be there!
    Apart from that: I will commit to the above goals with you as we are very similar right now in weight / capability.
    I have one final committment: Journey's End Photos...Will have to have some done! :o)
    Let's get this steamer going! I'll be on top of the train..cause I never want to lose track of how far I've come and the view ahead is looking pretty awesome! :o)

  4. Amazing and def coming along for the ride, you are a true inspiration.

    I bet you will smash the 100 mark and then some by the end of the 12 weeks

  5. WOOHOOOO!! So glad to have you guys on board with me! :D Going to be another awesome 12 weeks ahead!!!

  6. I will jump on board, and be inspired by everyone to meet my goals, keep my exercise up and continue my daily diary and hopefully lose at least 5kgs!! Good luck everyone :)

  7. I would like to commit to this challenge. I have lost over 50kg since 2008 through calorie counting and gastric banding, but in last year have put on 7kg. So my challenge in your 12 week challenge is to lose 6.4kg thus weigh 74kg, a healthy bmi of 24.oh and to be fit again.

  8. Count me in Amy!
    I'm sick of this plateau and just feeling like I've done it before I can do it again.
    I commit to clean eating and sticking to my 1200 calories a day - ESPECIALLY on the weekends. Being honest in my food diary and not forgetting random snacks here and there.
    Exercising at least 5 times a week and not letting those excuses back into my life. I am not too busy, I am not too tired, it is not to cold/wet/rainy.
    And to be proud of my achievements - not just getting frustrated cause its not enough and taking too long

  9. Im in my goal is to lose 10kg drink atleast 2lt water and to walk my daughter either to or from school 5 times in the week

  10. I'm aboard,My goal is to loose 5.5kg drink atleast 8 glasses of water a day,and get on my tredmill for an hour a day!Last but not least fill my biggest looser diary out daily...

  11. Well done Aim, count me in.