Friday, May 20, 2011

20,000 thank yous!

WOW, guys, seriously WOW!!!

I didn't even realise until I clocked on here to have a squizzy this morning (curiosity and all) - and 20,000 page views?!!  

Just wanted to say a very humbled, very excited THANK YOU for all your support and interest in my adventures. When I went public a few months ago, I didn't anticipate there'd be so many people interested in my story, let alone my ramblings and insane musings on all manner of things along the way!

I'm so happy to have the opportunity to 'help' (albeit "guide") people find their own inner-courage to step up and make the changes they want to see in their own lives too - and I'm truly humbled by all the letters and messages I receive in support.  It's just so touching to hear that you guys have found a little spark of 'inspiration' here!   BUT, let me tell you, it works both ways!

For a girl who'd have much preferred to stay in hiding, opening my life to the masses was NOT an easy decision!  Nothing like putting your own head on the chopping block hey?!!  haha...  But I LOVE how much my message and my actions can help others - it's just ME doing what I need to do, of course - but it makes me work and try harder too, so I don't let YOU down!

Have lots of 'interesting' challenges and milestones coming up, and can't wait to let you guys in on all that goss as it happens!!   I'll also be writing up some poignant topic responses - based on alot of the questions I've received lately - which may be quite helpful for some of you out there!  (or here's hoping at least.. haha!)

Again, a very heartfelt, very humbled THANK YOU from me for all your support!  If you haven't already, join my Aim to Change page over on Facebook for up to date nonsense, giveaways and all things 'Amy'. 

Will talk to you soon!   xx   :)


  1. You keep me motivated Amy. My goal was to lose all the weight I have stacked on over the years and change my eating habits. I am currently at 24kgs lost and only have about 2kg more to go. If you achieve the results and overcome everything to get your life back, so can I. You truly are an inspiration. Love reading your journey (although I don't comment often). Thanks for being so amazing and sharing your incredible journey. You really are changing other peoples lives as well as your own.

  2. I think that is enough for a book deal, ala Julie & Julia? Lol