Thursday, November 10, 2011 !

OK, so given I'm in plateau mode (and would really love to say I wasn't, but the body won't shift out of this pesky 2-kilo zone I'm in... SIGH!)... I've been focusing solely on my fitness this round of the 12wbt - and changing things up accordingly in my lead-up to my next major fitness goal - the Melbourne City 2 Sea this Sunday 13 November!

Going REALLY awesome in the last month - busting serious butt and loving it!!   Laps around Mount Panorama (here in Bathurst) with 10-12kgs on my back with my local 12wbt girls, even a double-lap last Sunday in prep of my 14kms to come.  Adding in aqua classes and increased laps, upping my Pump weights and increasing my running/shuffling so I could prep for Melbourne!   Fighting through muscle soreness and the most hideous toe-blisters I've ever endured in my life!!   I thought I was pretty much "ready for anything" .... until last night!!!

Started Cardio Box classes at the gym last Friday, and LOVED IT - wasn't a super-intense class my first one, more just technique and strategy and some upright punching!    Til last night's class... was an absolute KILLER!

I have never done so many freaking situps in my LIFE!   Hell, I'd even go so far as to say I haven't done a SERIES of situps in a row EVER least of all multiple series in a circuit routine like that!!!   And I busted them out, one after the other, after the other!!  By the final circuit on the floor, my belly muscles were screaming, my tailbone was KILLING!!!  I could barely lift myself the final 10seconds, but still managed one last situp and a final punch!  I'm not one to verbally complain about workouts too much (ha!  I kinda love them now...) - but even *I* was moaning and groaning by the end of that, and absolutely drenched in sweat!!   That was a whole wad of AWESOME!!!   

Followed that with a Pump class, and wondered why the hell my arms were shaking the way through it... Couldn't figure out why my legs could barely get my squat presses out (irrespective of the 25kgs on my shoulders - that's what I normally do!!!)....  I usually nail that Pump class, it's my favourite! 

Walked out of that gym last night a "broken woman" with the biggest freaking smile on my face!!  I haven't had a butt-busting like that in AGES - and I loved it!!

Climbing into bed last night, I rolled over, and wondered what the hell was going on when my lower back just started to ACHE like crazy!!!  Stinging sensations running right through my lower back and top of my bum... KNEW I'd probably bruised my tailbone with all the situps on the gym floor, but then when I touched the spot, realised it was a little more dire than that!!!

Had a freaking BLISTER ON MY BUTT - well, at the top of my buttcrack to be more specific (TMI?!!)  - and the skin was rubbed red raw, and well, weeping like crazy!!!  (oh yeah, THAT was TMI!!!)    Slapped on the Vitamin E cream and went back to bed - after a whole WAD of "ow ow ow ow ow ow" stinging whinges (stung like a bloody mofo!!!) and jumping around trying to take my mind off the ache - and went back to bed, somewhat in disbelief!

Inspecting the damage this morning, and yep, beautifully red raw skin on this arse!!!  Uh oh...  I have 2.5hours in the car, an hour on the train, then a flight down from Syd to Melb to go yet today.... 

I'm currently sitting here with six bandaids on my buttcrack holding me together!  Off to the pharmacy shortly for one sizeable enough to cover the damage AND my bum (do they make them that big?!!  bahahahhaa)....

.... and Sunday's 14kms should prove "interesting" now.... !!!   

I posted up on my FB page today, thinking surely I'm not the ONLY weirdo who bruises/blisters their bum in the course of greatness!!   ... and quite pleased to report I'm not alone (phew!)...  but gotta watch those situps!   The aftermath is NOT fun!!!!  

And here I was thinking it was just my TOES that were keeping the bandaid industry afloat... !!!

Definitely chalking this one up as Number Two in my series of "Warped Injuries" - the first being my carpet burn directly under my nose from going face-first on the gym floor because of my new shoes...  Ahhh I dare say there'll be more to add in the future!!   (eek..)

*** was going to post a photo.... but yeah, noone wants to see my arse like that, bahahahhaha!!!!   ;)


  1. I did the same thing in a boxing class - it was so painful! I suggest Paw Paw ointment!

    Good luck with the travel and your run on Sunday!

  2. ouchie mamma!! I know these Butt Blisters far tooooo well now. Mine come from doing butterfly sit ups... and ironically, the blisters look like a little red butterfly with it position at the top of my bottom kinda on either side of the *ahem* crack. LOL. Recently I had them badly.... then did the ANGIE which included 100 butterfly sit ups in a row.... then 2 days later I turned up for a group TABATA session at my gym.... more butterfly sit ups, for 8 rounds of TABATA! They were really hurting and to my horror I discovered they were bleeding. Feral!! The PTs thought it was hilarious.... evil evil lads.

    I agree re photo - like you I took one (or had my poor mum take it!) but I think its not for public consumption!!

    If anyone knows a was to prevent these, let us have it!!!

    xx Ange