Saturday, June 11, 2011

Setting the record straight

After some "speculation and expectations" I've been hit with recently, I wanted to set the record straight in regards to the creation of 'Aim to Change' and what it is I'm trying to do here... 

I'm just a normal person who went public with her weightloss. I lost bulk of it "in secret" for three years - and would have happily left it that way, only that it was encouraged by others that there'd be people out there who needed my story...  I know in myself, that *I* was someone who needed that 'hope' too, and despite my concern about being so 'open', went public earlier this year for the benefit of others.   Quite frankly, I didn't need the attention or kudos, but felt obligated to help other people....

Since then, 'Aim to Change' has taken on a life of its own - my blog picked up speed, and then BLC approached me for the 'Commando Challenge' - and things really took off.  Having started the Facebook page, and just recently the 'Aim Train' sub-group - not to mention recent national media exposure, this whole thing has taken momentum I couldn't have predicted nor imagined.

But not without cost.

It's been speculated, and I've copped recent criticism for what it is I'm trying to do here for the public.... so let's get some facts straight... 

National media coverage opened up avenues for people to find and personally approach me with a barrage of questions and commentary... some often pleading with me for help...

Whilst I have no issues with helping people (which is what I wanted to do in the first place) - this has taken a HUGE toll on me both emotionally and financially. 

It is MY hip-pocket that has funded the establishment of these groups, web pages, marketing, group prizes...  and it is MY time that is taken up keeping them going.   I don't do this for financial gain - because there simply is none.... 

I have NOT been paid for any local media stories...  Nor was I funded for my national magazine or TV coverage, and I am NOT sponsored by any companies. 

I was NOT paid for the 8-week duration of the 'Commando Challenge' (despite it running like a fulltime job).  I am NOT paid for my endorsement of the BLC product, nor am I subsidised to be a regular participant and contributor in the online forums.

My website and Facebook groups were self-developed and self-funded and are not affiliated or linked with any financial sources.  My merchandise range is a 'hobby' based line, and runs through a printing company that manufactures and delivers, with the designer/seller making a small (and I mean SMALL) margin of profit.  Any sales/profit from this line has since been re-invested in the 'Aim to Change' activities (namely prizes and postage for participants).

As I am still a work in progress myself, it DOES effect me when I cop criticism or the negativity of others who 'assume' that I'm being funded by all these activities, or when I haven't responded "quickly enough" to their messages. 

Quite frankly, I'm emotionally drained - I'm like a sponge, and the constant questions and upsets I've been fielding HAVE taken a huge emotional toll - and has affected my own goals in the process.  Taking a step back was my way of regenerating, so I can come back and help some more - refueling for the next hit... 

As a self-funded single person, the time this has taken out of my business activities (income source) has taken a huge financial toll aswell...  and it very much upsets me when I'm criticised for trying to 'make money off people'.  My bank balance says otherwise....

In the establishment of the Facebook community, it was my goal to encourage people to step up and "help themselves" (just as I was forced to do three years ago).   I have a network of "weightloss champions" at my disposal, who are all normal people, doing awesome things - and in forming a community of like-minded individuals, who run on that same drive, creates a huge forum of knowledge and motivation. 

I am extremely humbled and proud of the people who help me run the 'Aim to Change' community on a daily basis (who don't even realise they do) - THEY are to be commended for their support and encouragement, and their participation in driving this FREE support group. 

I may be the backbone of this community, but it simply would not run as fluently as it does without the positive contributions of the members that help me keep it going on a daily basis...    (... and for that, I am truly grateful to the contributors).

I am extremely proud of 'Aim to Change' and the messages it delivers to the wider community....  and will continue to develop this amazing "whatever it is" for the long term.   .... but ask for a little consideration from those who question my validity and purpose.  After all, I'm only trying to help...


  1. You are lovely. Don't change for other people. Be yourself. Keep finding who 'you' are. And in the meantime if lots of people are inspired, motivated, and challenged to become fitter and healthier because of you, then all the more power to you.

    Keep on your path first and foremost, by doing so you are clearing the path for others to follow. x

    Have a lovely weekend.

  2. Wow, I can't believe how snippy some people can get. I say "Good on You.", Amy. Sad to see people are so easy to condemn someone who is only trying to help others.

  3. I cant believe you are copping critism. So what if you are getting paid. It's one of the great (insert sarcasm here) things about our country when we seek to cut down others who are doing something positive. You just keep your head held high and be proud of all you have done and all you are continuing to do. I for one, am VERY grateful for you starting our ATC group and love all the motivation and support I receive there. There are more people in your corner than against you xoxo

  4. Honestly, the people who have attacked you and criticised you are suffering tall poppy syndrome. They feel you have succeeded where they have failed. Good on you for being open and forthright and keep doing what you do. Just a thought, maybe you need time for you. Good luck with your future weight loss and I wish you sucess in your future endeavors.
    Steve Ellis

  5. Sweetheart, I agree with Steve, it is the Tall Poppy Syndrome - the people who criticize are trying to sabotage your efforts because it is easier than trying to improve their own lives. Stand tall and proud, you have earnt it and deserve it. Your journey is helping others, so don't let the detractors spoil it for you or for the genuine people who do support you. Love Mum & Dad xxx

  6. Forget them Amy - they are obviously oblivious to all the positive things you are doing - I am one who thinks you SHOULD be paid, I know you have changed my life for the better, and your posts on all, your blog and BLC and facebook, are the extra encouragemnet I need when I am feeing down on myself, or I am feeling as though it's just not possible - you are living proof that it is, Thank You Amy Mel8

  7. Aim! Not sure if you remember any conversations I had with you about how much I learnt about others when I was losing my weight... People feel SO threatened when someone else is doing what they feel they can't.. .. I remember someone critising me for going "to far" with the weight loss... They are about my height. I was still 70 odd kgs then. I asked them how much they weigh and they said 57kg... WTF?? LOL..
    Or yet another "skiny" person told me they were finding it really hard to be happy for me. I was a little gob smacked and asked her why!! (When she quite clearly had NO weight issues)... She said she was jealous of the self-control and drive I had to get to where I want to be.
    So, just a couple of examples of the lessons I have learnt about people...
    Best thing you can possably do is IGNORE !! Seriously, harder to do than say -- but the ONLY thing you can do if you are going to push through..
    Water off a ducks back (or as Pand says shit does not stick to teflon).. LOL. Just remember their issues are THEIR ISSUES -- they are just tryhing to make them yours - when THEY ARE NOT!!
    I love you so much Amy!! You are seriously inspiring!! I wish I could smack out those people who get you down... but it is one of those 'hardening up' lessons (which I had to learn last year!).. Please, please message me if you need to !!
    MWAH!! *HUGS*

  8. Totally with Kelly!! Our new mantra thanks to pand!! I'm made of teflon too!!!!

    Unfortunately there are always people like that & it sucks that it still hurts. The people that really matter & really know you, know your motives & your incredibly amazing hearts. Unfortunately, the negative stuff can get loud and insidious. With our history, it's really hard to distance from that.

    You inspire so many of us on a daily basis and while I don't say that to add pressure, I say it to show you that you are achieving what you set out to achieve.

    ((Hugs)) Suzie

  9. Long time lurker, first time poster.

    I'm with the previous posters. People are always looking for someone or something to 'save them' eventually they have to realise that we each have to save ourselves. We are both the problem and the solution.
    Sorry to hear your copping flack. Most people who are succeeding at what they set out to do usually get some residual backlash.
    You keep on trucking and hopefully they will work it out eventually.
    You get back what you put out so you just have to feel sorry for some of these Negative Nellys out there. They have nothing but grief coming their way.


  10. Amy
    Sorry you are getting so much criticsm from other people.Just remember you are a beautiful person and look after no1 first.Ignore the ones who criticise as I know you are an inspiration to a lot of people,especially my Lynda.
    Hugs to You and hope to see you again someday.

  11. Thank you SO MUCH guys - truly appreciated! Bulk of my network are AMAZING, so it's few and far between when I cop a true negative...

    The support from fellow "real people" is SO humbling - it's just the ones who aren't in the same zone that are the issue! .. just gotta learn to let it slide...!!!


  12. Amy, I just hope that you CAN put all of that negativity behind you. It is so unfair!! I would also certainly understand, if you felt you needed to take some 'time out' for yourself right now. I'm sure that all of us here understand just how 'full on' your life has been for you recently. If or when YOU felt ready to continue sharing with us your journey and supporting and inspiring all of us, we'd all be here for you, just as you have been here for all of us. Amy, don't let such negative comments sap up all your energy. Just remember you have a huge fan base who admire you so much for the great person you are and for all that you have achieved. As for some people accusing you of financial gain, how dare they!! I personally, Amy, hope to one day see your story published in book form. We, on the Biggest Loser Club program, have had the privilege of being encouraged and inspired by you and your great success. However, how many more people out there, living amongst us, are on a daily struggle to get a grip on their soaring weight or who are forever on countless yo yo diets or who are going about a weight loss journey all alone, lacking knowledge, hope and inspiration? There are so many people who could benefit greatly from reading your story in it's entirety. I, for one, would be delighted to one day see your story published and snapped up off the book shelves. I would like to think that one day you WILL BE financially rewarded for sharing your incredible story of courage and determination, to turn your whole life around. I would hope that you would be accepting of financial earnings with out any feelings of guilt. After all, by your long journey of incredible courage and determination, you will have well earnt, and been so deserving of, such recognition for an amazing personal achievement. You really do deserve it, Amy and if anyone dared to begrudge you of it..... just how mean spirited, jealous, ignorant, self centred and selfish are they? Go for it, Amy. Write that book - if, by YOUR choice, that's what YOU would like to do. Remember that today is a new day, Amy, so hold your head up high. You have soooo much to be proud of. Anne.

  13. The more I hear about these Nasty People - the more I love my dogs!
    I have an e-mail folder named Nasty People and it reminds me why I don't have a huge number of friends.
    Amy, you need to take the time to get back on your feet financially. We love having you're our inspiration, but you're not bullet proof, so if you need our help at anytime, just give us a holler!
    Love you heaps.

  14. OMG I couldnt believe it when I read this blog post (am only just catching up on some of the posts).. how can people be like this I imagine they feal threatened by you and your great success weight loss wise and they are jealous ... I am very sad for them making you feel like this

    Never once have I thought about you like this and it baffles the mind how people would be thinking of you this way and not being proud of you for all you have achieved and excited for the fact that you are there to help anyone .. the majority of us are not like this I am sure and we all appreciate the work you are doing to get all this out there.

    Do what you need to do to get back upp on your feet with regard to finances we all support you here .. if ever I win a substantial amount in lotto (hehe good luck to me with that!!) but I will gladly donate to your causes and help you out :-)

    I love you Amy and dont change for anyone .. you are amazing ♥♥♥♥ xoxox

  15. Oh Amy, i can not beleive that any one would critisise you, you selflessly do such an amazing job of inspiring people daily!

    I also hope you know that none of us wish you to do this at cost to yourself, i personally would much prefer you healthy, happy and financially safe then anything.. we all need you and your priceless inspiration but you need you too, make sure you share your self with you too sometimes hehe :)
    Love, Cathy